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Q1. Should documents (PowerPoint and report) be sent as pdfs?


A1. Yes, both the PowerPoint and report must be sent as pdfs.

Note: 25MB is the largest file size that can be sent through gmail. Use Google Docs if your file is larger.

Q2. Can the PowerPoint be submitted webinar-style, with a voiceover?

A2. No.


Q3. Should we list our names in the report?


A3. No.


No identifying information, other than your assigned team name (we assigned names instead of team numbers) should be included in either the PowerPoint or report. If your submission is chosen as a winner, you will include everyone's names and identifying information in your final presentation version.

Q4. Are acceptable visions for the future limited to planning?


A4. No. Land Economics includes "various disciplines and activities that relate to the use and re-use of land" (see the international LAI website).


Q5. Do future visions have to be limited to the city of Toronto?

A5. No. You pick the scale.


Q6. Does the report have to be 10 pages long?

A6. No. Both the PowerPoint and report are UP TO 10 pages.


The title slide is not included in the 10 page limit.


Don't forget to include a maximum one page executive summary with the report.





DATE: Wednesday, November 8, 2017

SPEAKERS: Murtaza Hazider (Ryerson University) and Mark Conway (N. Barry Consultants Limited)


LOCATION: University Club of Toronto, 380 University Avenue


DINNER: 7:00 p.m.



As Toronto continues to expand and becomes more globally attractive, housing has become more and more expensive, with affordability for home ownership and rental accommodation increasing harder to achieve.


Join Murtaza Haider (Associate Professor, Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University) and Mark Conway (President, N. Barry Lyon Consultants Limited) as they discuss the implications of rent control, increasing land values and emerging policy and development approaches to improve housing affordability in the GTA.


To register and pay by cheque, please contact
Kevin Harper at

Please indicate whether you will be bringing a guest(s)
and whether you have any dietary restrictions.

Members who do not provide sufficient notice will be
responsible for the full cost of the dinner.


Cocktails and food stations will follow the presentations.


To reserve your ticket, please visit Eventbrite at:


Click HERE to download the 50th Anniversary notice in PDF format.






Open to all undergraduate and graduate students, including recent grads, in real estate development, land-use planning, engineering, architecture, public administration, business, law and related fields.


As the LAI Simcoe Chapter celebrates its 50th anniversary, students are asked to help us imagine the Toronto region 50 years into the future from the perspective of land economics.

Land economics is about the political-economic underpinning of urban and rural land-use change. LAI members are senior professionals in land use and development.

This competition asks students to get out their crystal balls to consider possible futures from a land economics perspective: what do you foresee as inevitable or desirable in terms of the ownership, management, regulation, and conservation of land? What is in store for the Toronto region in terms of its cities and towns, countryside and rural areas? What do you imagine the social, economic, and natural landscape of all or part of Toronto and/or the Greater Golden Horseshoe will be like in 2067?

When the LAI Simcoe Chapter started 50 years ago, Canada hosted the World’s Fair in Montreal. Expo 67 was a “gleaming futuristic spectacle” with a monorail, a geodesic dome, and the Habitat 67 housing complex. Exhibits showcased the promise of scientific and technological progress with new and emerging ideas in atomic energy, space travel, air conditioning, and communications technologies.[i]

Toronto in 1967 was a city poised on the edge of a bright future and seized with the march of progress and the cult of newness. Toronto was a cosmopolitan city newly arrived on the world stage with a new modern City Hall and TD Centre skyscraper foreshadowing huge changes across the city’s historic landscape. A new, elevated expressway was at the heart of a regional metropolitan network connecting the downtown by car and truck to new master-planned suburban communities at its fringe. Bold ideas needed better architecture, planning, engineering, and capital financing.

Bold ideas also meant complicated politics and the need for sophisticated governance. The politics of the day had people wondering if the city was growing too big, too quickly. A new reform city council was voted in by 1972 to put a pin in the cult of progress and to stop the destruction of buildings and neighbourhoods seen with new eyes as the city’s valuable heritage; how quickly the tide turns.

It was into this hopeful, promising, and rapidly changing world that the LAI Simcoe Chapter was born.

In 2017, transit, green space, planned housing densities and affordability, and the financing of it all are shaping a very different Toronto region. The 2017 agenda of the LAI Simcoe chapter includes: the future of retailing, the Ontario Municipal Board review, municipal revenue options, foreign investment taxation, and the development of privately-owned public space.

What can we now expect 50 years in the future? In 2067, what forces will dramatically change land economics and urban form? What will be the role and organization of government, the private sector, and other actors in land-use change? How will the real estate market respond to social and political pressures to address climate change? Will complete-community urbanism have triumphed over suburban sprawl? Will smart city technologies and autonomous vehicles have changed the way we live, work, and play?

2067 will be your Toronto. This competition will give you the opportunity to shape your vision for the city and region.


Open to all undergraduate and graduate students, including recent grads, in the areas of real estate development, land-use planning, engineering, architecture, public administration, business, law and related fields.

All team members must provide proof of enrolment in 2017 in a Canadian university or college.

Teams to be a minimum of two and maximum of six members.


Registration: October 2, 2017

Submission: November 6, 2017

Winners announced: November 20, 2017

Presentation: December 5, 2017


Teams must register by email to

by Monday, October 2, 2017.

Include names of all members of the team, university/college affiliation, and proof of enrolment.

Teams will be contacted to confirm registration. Each team will be assigned a number.

Submission deadline is Monday, November 6, 2017 at 11:59 p.m.

A PowerPoint slide deck and accompanying report.

Slides: up to 10 slides, plus title slide.

Supplementary report: up to 10 pages, including graphics and references.



Scott Burns, Scott Burns Planning Consultants, Toronto

Scott Burns is a professional planner and economic developer in the Toronto region. He has worked on large, complex planning and development approvals and policy development as well as small-scale planning projects. Notable projects include planning for Toronto’s downtown railway lands and Air Canada Centre, planning for lands around Pearson International Airport, and Canada’s Wonderland. He is a sole proprietor in Scott Burns Planning Consultants.

Scott is the current President of the Lambda Alpha International Simcoe Chapter.

Agnieszka Wloch, Vice President, Development, Minto Communities, Canada

Agnieszka Wloch is a Real Estate Development professional with focus on leading and successfully executing complex development initiatives that contribute to Minto's objective of expanding strategically in select North American markets to create future growth.  An Ivey EMBA graduate and a licensed architect, Agnieszka has a strong foundation in engineering, architectural and urban design paired with nearly 20 years of global experience in Canada, the US, Europe and the Caribbean.

David McKay, Vice President & Partner, MHBC Planning, Urban Design & Landscape Architecture, Woodbridge

David McKay has been a professional planner with MHBC since 1997. He obtained a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Waterloo and a Master of Science in Planning from the University of Toronto in 2007. David is a full member of the Canadian Institute of Planners and a Registered Professional Planner in Ontario. David has provided a variety of planning services for public and private sector clients, with a range of projects including the planning of commercial, residential and industrial developments.

David is actively involved in the planning profession. David is currently the Chair of OPPI’s Professional Standards and Registration Committee; Secretary for the CIP Scholarship Trust Fund Board of Directors; Vice President and Program Chair with the Simcoe Chapter of Lambda Alpha International; and is the recent Past Chair of the University of Toronto Planning Alumni Committee. 

Russell Mathew, Partner, Hemson Consulting Ltd., Toronto

Russell Mathew is a Partner at Hemson with 30 years of professional planning experience. He is the managing Partner of Hemson’s planning practice and is widely known for his expertise in the areas of demographic and economic forecasting and land economics. Along with developing forecasting methods that are used by numerous municipalities and regions in Ontario, he has developed a range of skills in economic development-related studies, strategic planning, growth management, land use planning, and financial modeling.

Russell received his Bachelor of Science in Geography and Mathematics from the University of Alberta and his Master of Science in Planning from the University of Toronto. He is a Registered Professional Planner, a member of the Ontario Association of Land Economists and a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Russell frequently guest lectures at York University and Ryerson University. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Land Economics Foundation and of the Simcoe Chapter of Lambda Alpha International. 

Laura E. Taylor, Associate Professor, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University

Laura Taylor is an associate professor of urban ecologies and environmental planning. As a researcher in political ecology and landscape studies, she is most interested in exurbia—the rural residential countryside—where she studies the processes and discourses of landscape settlement and landscape conservation at (and beyond) the urban-rural fringe. Laura is co-editor of two books, A Comparative Political Ecology of Exurbia and Landscape: Planning, Environmental Management and Landscape Change (2016) and The Ideology of Nature: Green Sprawl (2013).

She is the interim Chair of Ontario’s Greenbelt Council. She is an active member of the Ontario Climate Consortium, linking land-use planning and climate change action. She earned her PhD in geography from the University of Toronto and is a registered professional planner with the Ontario Professional Planners Institute. She is a member of the Canadian and American Associations of Geographers. She is the academic liaison on the Board of Directors of Lambda Alpha International.


Entries will be evaluated by the jury based on relevance to land economics, coherence of vision, well-reasoned approach, as well as originality and creativity, and overall presentation.

Finalists announced Monday, November 20, 2017


Up to three (3) teams will each be awarded a cash prize of $2,000.

Winning teams will prepare and present their 10-minute presentation at the 50th Anniversary Celebration event December 5, 2017 at Malaparte, TIFF Bell Lightbox, 350 King Street West, Toronto.

Presentation Panel Moderator and Keynote Speaker: Bob Rae, Former Ontario Premier.

Winning teams will receive free admission to the LAI 50th Anniversary Celebration.


Slide decks must include a title slide showing only the team number. No identifying information will be included in slide backgrounds or other formatting. Winners may edit their slides to include identifying information.

Slide decks are limited to a maximum of 10 slides plus the title slide.

Supplementary reports to accompany the presentation slides may be up to 10 pages in length, including a brief (up to one page) executive summary, which may be used for promotional purposes.

Slides and report may have any combination of text, graphics and/or mapping. No hyperlinks.

Submit slides and report in reduced size .pdf format.

Students will maintain the highest integrity of academic honesty.

Event organizers reserve the right to make minor modifications and to issue clarifications throughout the competition.


Frequently asked questions will be addressed on the website, and updated on October 15 and November 1.

[i] Massey, J. 2006. “Buckminster Fuller’s cybernetic pastoral: the United States Pavilion at Expo 67” Journal of Architecture 11(4): 463­–483.

"Entering a Brave New World: A Panel Session on OMB Reform"


DATE: Tuesday, September 26, 2017
LOCATION: Royal Canadian Military Institute, 426 University Avenue
DINNER: 7:00 p.m.

The Province has given first reading to legislation which could dramatically change the role of the Ontario Municipal Board in the planning process. Moderated by Roslyn Houser (Goodmans LLP), panel members Michael Melling (Davies Howe LLP), Lindsay Dale-Harris (Bousfields Inc), Chris Barnett (DLA Piper) and Barnet Kussner (WeirFoulds LLP) will lead a discussion on the proposed reforms and their implications for municipalities, the development industry and residents’ groups.

To register online and pay by credit card, please visit: (Service charges will apply.)


Members who do not provide sufficient notice will
be responsible for the full cost of the dinner.




Please plan to join us as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of LAI's Simcoe Chapter!

Date: Tuesday, December 5, 2017
Location: Malaparte at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, 350 King Street West
Time: 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Cocktails and hors d'oeuvres will be served.
Speaker: Hon. Bob Rae: "Toronto Area Land Economics - Looking Back 50 Years/Looking Forward 50 Years"

The programme will include the presentation of winning papers by planning students from local universities regarding the last 50 years and the next 50 years of land economics in the Toronto area, followed by comments from Bob Rae.

LAI Members, guests and the general public are invited to attend.

Please mark your calendars. This is an event you won't want to miss!

Additional details to follow.



Dear Colleagues:

It is once again your opportunity to nominate potential new members for our Simcoe Chapter. 

In keeping with the guidelines set by Lambda Alpha International ("LAI"), nominees for membership must have:

  • achieved professional distinction with a minimum of 10 years of work experience;

  • made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of land economics; and

  • distinguished themselves in the community through public service.


If you would like more information on the history of LAI and how these guidelines fit the organization's goals, click
The Simcoe Chapter’s members are drawn from a wide spectrum. That diversity of experience becomes most valuable when members attend the dinner seminars, become involved in Chapter activities and engage colleagues in discussions and debates on key issues of the day. When thinking about the attributes of possible nominees, please consider also whether this candidate is likely to be an active member that we can look forward to seeing on a regular basis.

A review of our current membership suggests that new members from the "younger demographic" would be desirable.  Also, getting more members from the public sector would be helpful in balancing out our membership. 
Each nomination must be made by two Chapter members acting jointly.  At least one of the nominators should not have the same employer as that of the nominee.
The nomination package must include:

  1. A completed nomination form which is attached.

  2. A current copy of the nominee's resume or CV.


Please return the nomination form, along with a current copy of the candidate’s resume or CV by e-mail to Kevin Harper at and Jason Park at  or by mail to:  Kevin Harper and Associates, 1712-24 Wellesley Street West, Toronto, ON  M4Y 2X6.
The deadline is Friday, September 1, 2017.


Once nominations close, the Board will review and assess each candidate.
Since membership is not automatic, the Board considers confidentiality to be an important element in protecting the reputation and dignity of each nominee. In the event that a candidate is not selected for membership, the reason for this decision will be explained to the nominators on a confidential basis. Although it may occasionally be a bit awkward to do, nominators are asked to make every effort to ensure that the nominee is not made aware that he or she is under consideration for membership.
Successful candidates will be contacted to confirm their interest in joining LAI and acceptance of our invitation to join us.  The broader Simcoe Chapter membership will then be advised of the new members who will, in turn, be inducted at our annual general meeting in November.
Each of you I’m sure knows of at least one or two candidates who are worthy of membership in our Chapter.  Please take some time to give this some consideration and to nominate someone. 


Thank you in advance for your consideration of this.  


Jason Park

Vice-President and Chair, Membership








Congratulations to our new members, who were inducted during the Chapter's 49th Annual Meeting and Induction of New Members, held on Tuesday, November 29, 2016:


Michael Bissett


Bousfields Inc.

Carlo Bonanni

Vice President, Land and Development Planning

Build Toronto

Brian Bridgeman

Commissioner of Planning and Economic Development

Regional Municipality of Durham

Paula Bustard

Director of Development


Jamie Cook


Watson & Associates Economists Ltd.

Eileen Costello


Aird & Berlis LLP

Greg Dunn


Adamson Associates

Andrew Ferancik


Walker, Nott, Dragicevic Associates Ltd.

Derek Goring

Vice President of Development

First Gulf Corporation

Kyle Knoeck

Manager of Community Planning

City of Toronto

Harriet Lewis


Anne McIlroy


Brook McIlroy

Tanzeel Merchant

Director, Partnerships and Consultation

Ontario Growth Secretariat, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

Aaron Platt


Davies Howe Partners LLP Lawyers

Robyn Rabinowitz

Director of Land Development

Plazacorp Investments Limited

Michael Tedesco


Tedesco Engineering

Eldon Theodore



Emma West


Bousfields Inc.





Robert McBride was honoured by the Chapter as the recipient of the 2016 President’s Award  in recognition of his remarkable career in transportation consulting and his influence on Toronto’s growth. Click HERE to read Chapter President Bronwyn Krog's remarks.





During the Annual Meeting, the following members were elected to the Simcoe Chapter Board of Directors for the 2016-18 term:


Scott Burns  President

Jason Park  Vice President and Chair, Membership

David McKay  Vice President and Chair, Programs

Russell Mathew  Treasurer

Julian Jacobs  Secretary

Paul Ferris  Chair, Communications

Laura Taylor  Chair, Academic Liaison


Members at Large:

Robert Glover

Paul Johnston

Adrian Litavski

Loretta Ryan

Agnieszka Wloch


Ex Officio, Non-voting Members:


Bronwyn Krog  Immediate Past President

Robert McBride  International First Vice President




LAI’s Fall 2016 Land Economics Weekend was held in Toronto from September 22-24, 2016.


Congratulation to the LEW Organizing Committee, co-chaired by Russell Mathew and Leslie Yager, for an outstanding event!


Click HERE to read the thank you letter from Stephen Gragg, International President of LAI.


To view the presentations and photos from the LEW, please visit LAI’s web site at:


Click HERE to view the 2016 LEW Guide.


For information regarding Lambda Alpha International or the Land Economics Foundation

click here:  LAILEF